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TRUEIONICS Advance Ionic Silver Health Defense Systems is the home of true natural Ionic Silver products meticulously prepared for your health protection, immune defense and wellbeing.

 "I know of no microbe that is not killed in laboratory experiments in 6 minutes."                      Use of Colloids in Health Disease      Dr Henry Crooks

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Get Natural FLU Relief
Users of Aquasilver True Ionic Colloidal Silver report astonishing results in days !


COUGHS & COLDS...."I've been using AquaSilver for my children regularly for the past two years. In that time, the coughs, colds and other respiratory tract illnesses they traditionally suffered have decreased dramatically. This product really works."

Mr T.T. Hong Kong

 BREAST CANCER“…..if I had known about this any earlier I would have never opted for chemo…”

 Tracy S Y Yee, Hong Kong.

 ATHLETE'S FEET“…works a treat for body odor and foot problems. My Athlete’s Feet is gone…” 

 E L Santos, Hong Kong.

Ionic Colloidal Silver is The Most Promising Hope To Safeguard Our Future Health
• From Colds To Killer Bugs
• A Natural Cure for Your Health Problems


Welcome to the world of electro-energy medicine…….Ionic Silver is the medical wave of the future.

Save hundreds, if not thousands of $$$ dollars on prescription drugs

 BOOST your immune system 

 HEAL yourself naturally with ionic silver 

Reputed to be the ONLY potent all-round natural antibiotic alternative

 AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist
-True Ionic Silver
AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist True Ionic Colloidal Silver is a health product.
It is not intended to diagnose treat or cure any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

         TRUEIONCS™ was established to bring you honest and true natural bioelectro-medical products based on advanced ionic silver technology.  Our true ionic colloidal silver is  'energy-enhanced' for optimal bio-availability.


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Natural Health Protection with Ionic Silver
What You Can Do

To Protect Your Health
The Most Powerful NATURAL Germ-Killer & Broad Spectrum Antibiotic
100% Natural  LAB-TESTED Effective True Ionic Colloidal Silver

Discover how YOU can join the thousands of people who have healed themselves with ionic colloidal silver - A safe natural medicine which has out-performed every chemical antibiotic ever developed yet remains a hidden mystery

Hepatitis“… blood test results have improved tremendously..”
Alex C F Lee, Hong Kong 


TRUEIONICS.COM brings to you the ultimate true Ionic Colloidal Silver


 Ionic Silver is nature’s ONLY broad-spectrum multi-function disease prevention mechanism that has stood the test of time in eradicating every known bacteria, virus, or pathogen it has been tested against. Ionic colloidal silver is the body's best and most tried & tested natural antibiotic alternative.
Yet this true wonder medicine stays hidden in the dark and is used only by the very few who have knowledge of its existence and those who turn to nature for health and guidance.

If antibiotic treatment is not working for you, safe natural
ionic colloidal silver may be your best available option.

In an age where new strains of antibiotic-resistant microbes are ever increasingly emerging, natural ionic colloidal silver offers hope where modern pharmaceuticals have proven ineffective. 

Ionic Silver is not used by mainstream medicine in treating disease despite its universal safety and tested effectiveness because of its classification as a ‘natural health product’ instead of a ‘drug’. Most people are not aware of medical policies that dictate that only a pharmaceutical ‘drug’ can be associated with the word ‘cure’ and hence a 'health product' is not permitted in the treatment of disease. Millions of lives can be saved with ionic colloidal silver if only this man-made law is changed.
People in power play with words while countless lives perish.

Ionic silver is one of the most prominent off-springs of the science of electro-medicine. Its extraordinary multi-faceted usage is second to none.
Join the thousands who have healed themselves naturally.
Regain your life NOW.

Your health is your most precious asset. You don't have to suffer in silence. YOU too can heal yourself naturally. You would have wished you had discovered this earlier.
Discover for yourself the healing properties of ionic colloidal silver - A true miracle of nature.

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Check out our LAB-TESTED ultra-pure True Ionic Silver -

AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist
Now available to you in a convenient 2 oz. spray bottle.
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    Our Product


Proven Effective

AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist is one of the few brands of ionic silver that has actually been tested under laboratory conditions and certified SAFE for oral use. Its controlled 5PPM concentration makes it one of the most bio-available & effective true ionic silver products on the market.

$ 9.90
Many inferior ionic silver products can cost from
$6 to $20 PER OUNCE !


 and SAVE
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AQUASILVER™Miracle Mist true ionic colloidal silver is "Energy-Enhanced" for optimal bio-availability


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Silver Used in London Underground and Hong Kong MTR Trains-Monday, October 23, 2006 -(NewsTarget) Subway and train stations in London and other parts of the UK are considering using a powerful, non-toxic ionic colloidal silver disinfectant...

Colloidal Silver used to disinfect drinking water....

Silver Kills Virus, Study Finds - Tuesday, October 18, 2005 - - In a groundbreaking study, the Journal of Nanotechnology has published a study that found silver nanoparticles to kill the HIV-1 virus and is likely to kill virtually any other virus. According to Physorg, the study conducted by the University of Texas and Mexico University, is the first medical study to ever explore the benefits of silver nanoparticles....





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