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TRUEIONICS Advance Ionic Silver Health Defense Systems is the home of true natural Ionic Silver products meticulously prepared for your health protection, immune defense and wellbeing.

 "I know of no microbe that is not killed in laboratory experiments in 6 minutes."                      Use of Colloids in Health Disease      Dr Henry Crooks


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 BREAST CANCER“…..if I had known about this any earlier I would have never opted for chemo…”

 Tracy S Y Yee, Hong Kong.

 ATHLETE'S FEET“…works a treat for body odor and foot problems. My Athlete’s Feet is gone…” 

 E L Santos, Hong Kong.

The Most Promising Hope
• From Colds To Killer Bugs
• A Natural Cure for Your Health Problems


Welcome to the world of electro-energy medicine…….the medical wave of the future.

Save hundreds, if not thousands of $$$ dollars on prescription drugs

 BOOST your immune system

 HEAL yourself naturally with ionic silver 

Reputed to be the ONLY potent all-round natural antibiotic alternative

AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist
AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist is a health product.
It is not intended to diagnose treat or cure any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

         TRUEIONCS™ was established to bring you honest and true natural bioelectro-medical products based on advanced ionic silver technology.  All our products are 'energy-enhanced' for optimal bio-availability.


What is Ionic Silver

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Health Benefits

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 What is Ionic Silver?                    

  You Can Beat The Flu with
Nature's Premier Antibiotic Alternative
Discover how YOU can heal your life with this powerful natural medicine which has out-performed every chemical-based antibiotic ever developed

 Ionic Silver or sometimes generically known as colloidal silver, is a broad-spectrum natural germ killer. It is the only natural alternative to chemical-based antibiotics, antivirals, antibacterials, antifungals and antiseptics in existence . It is also the only safe natural substance that has been successful in eradicating every known pathogen todate.  

Its unrivalled broad spectrum germ-killing ability sets it apart from any known chemical-based antibiotic ever developed.

Ironically, this safe natural medicine is viewed as a financial threat to the pharmaceutical giants who dominate the medical industry.

 If there was just one item you needed in your medicine cabinet, it has got to be Ionic Silver - A universal multi-function health product no home should be without

Ionic Silver is the mainstay of good health. It can be taken as a defense or preventative against germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens or pathogens. Ionic Silver is the body's best and most tried and tested natural antibiotic alternative. It tracks down single celled invaders and eradicates them by a mode of suffocation, leaving no survivors to mutate to become immune to the treatment.

How Does It Work?
The presence of Ionic Silver near a virus, fungus, bacterium or any other single celled pathogen disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme ( the germ's chemical lung ). Thus within a few minutes the pathogen suffocates and dies, and is cleared out of the body by the immune, lymphatic and elimination systems.

Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics which destroy beneficial enzymes, Ionic Silver leaves tissue-cell enzymes intact. Thus Ionic Silver is safe for humans, animals, reptiles, plants and all multi-celled living matter.
 Also, unlike drug-based antibiotics, Ionic Silver is not pathogen-specific, ie broad-spectrum, hence safely eradicates all germs it comes into contact with.

Resistant strains do not form

It is impossible for single-celled germs to mutate into silver-resistant forms as happens with conventional antibiotics. Also, Ionic Silver does not interact or interfere with other medicine being taken. Inside the body, silver forms no toxic compounds nor reacts with anything other than a germ's oxygen-metabolizing enzyme.

Ionic silver is one of the most prominent off-springs of the science of electro-medicine. Its extraordinary multi-faceted usage is second to none.

Discover for yourself the healing properties of this true miracle of nature. 

Check out our LAB-TESTED ultra-pure True Ionic Silver -
AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist
Now available to you in a convenient 2 oz. spray bottle.


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        Our Product

Proven Effective

AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist is one of the few brands of ionic silver that has actually been tested under laboratory conditions and certified SAFE for oral use. Its controlled 5PPM concentration makes it one of the most bio-available & effective true ionic silver products on the market.

$ 9.90
Many inferior products can cost from
$6 to $20 PER OUNCE !


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AQUASILVER™Miracle Mist is "Energy-Enhanced" for optimal bio-availability


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