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TRUEIONICS Advance Ionic Silver Health Defense Systems is the home of true natural Ionic Silver products meticulously prepared for your health protection, immune defense and wellbeing.

 "I know of no microbe that is not killed in laboratory experiments in 6 minutes."                      Use of Colloids in Health Disease      Dr Henry Crooks


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 BREAST CANCER“…..if I had known about this any earlier I would have never opted for chemo…”

 Tracy S Y Yee, Hong Kong.

 ATHLETE'S FEET“…works a treat for body odor and foot problems. My Athlete’s Feet is gone…” 

 E L Santos, Hong Kong.

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Welcome to the world of electro-energy medicine…….the medical wave of the future.

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 HEAL yourself naturally with ionic silver 

Reputed to be the ONLY potent all-round natural antibiotic alternative

AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist
AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist is a health product.
It is not intended to diagnose treat or cure any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.


         TRUEIONCS™ was established to bring you honest and true natural bioelectro-medical products based on advanced ionic silver technology.  All our products are 'energy-enhanced' for optimal bio-availability.


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 General Uses

 General Uses
Nature's Most Powerful Antibiotic Alternative
Ionic Silver is a powerful yet TOTALLY SAFE NATURAL germ killer.
As a health product, its versatility is second to none.
No home should be without it.

AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist
AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist is a health product.
It is not intended to diagnose treat or cure any disease and has not been 
evaluated by the FDA.

Do yourself and your family a fovour.
Check out the many uses of Ionic Silver and see how you can replace
your regular toxic chemical and drug-based product with this SAFE alternative !!!


The following is a general list of uses for Ionic Silver.
Since it is totally safe at almost any dose, its potential uses are unlimited.

A few uses are suggested here:
  Add to suspected drinking water when traveling or camping.   Silver-sprayed burns heal rapidly without scarring.
  Safely sterilize anything from toothbrushes to surgical instruments.
  Use topically on cuts, wounds, abrasions, rashes, sunburn, razor nicks and bandages.
  Spray on garbage to prevent decay odors   Mist kitchen sponges, towels, cutting boards to eliminate E. Coli and salmonella bacteria to prevent food poisoning, gastrointestinal inflammation, and genital tract infections.
  Add when canning, preserving or bottling.    Use like peroxide on zits and acne
  Add to juices and milk to prevent spoiling, fermenting, deteriorating, clabbering or curdling.
  Spray in shoes, between toes, between legs to stop most skin itch, athletes foot, fungi, jock itch.
  Diminish dandruff, psoriasis, skin rashes, etc.    Add to bath water, gargle, douches, colon irrigation, nasal spray and dental water-pic solutions.
  Cuts downtime dramatically from colds, flu, pneumonia, staph, strep, respiratory infections and rhino viruses.  Spray on body after bathing.
  Skin itch, eye and ear infections, warts and some moles vanish (put on band aid and wear overnight each night until gone).    Use with Q-tips on fingernail, toenail, and ear fungi. 
  Neutralize tooth decay and bad breath.
Silver stops halitosis by eliminating bacteria deep in throat and on back of tongue.
  Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, Ionic Silver never permits strain-resistant pathogens to evolve 
  Put a on bandaids and bandages to shorten healing times    Health professionals might consider IV and IM injections. 
  Toothaches, mouth sores, bacterial irritations are diminished.    Tumor and polyp shrinking is reported when masses are injected directly (when silver is added to sterile physiological saline or Ringer's Solution that contains 9000 ppm sodium chloride). 
  Soak dentures.    Spray refrigerator, freezer and food storage bin interiors. 
  Stop mildew and wood rot.    Mix in postage stamp, envelope, and tape moistening wells, paint and paste pots to prevent bacterial growth,odors, spoiling or souring. 
  Add to water based paints, wallpaper paste, dishwater, cleaning and mopping solutions, etc.    Spray pet bedding and let dry.
  Mix a little in pet water, birdbaths, cut flower vases. Always add to swamp cooler water.
  Spray on top of contents of opened jam, jelly, and condiment containers and inside lids before replacing 
  Spray air conditioner filters after cleaning.    Swab air ducts and vents to prevent breeding sites for germs.
  Use routinely in laundry final rinse water and always before packing away seasonal clothes.   Damp clothes or towels and washcloths will not sour or mildew
  Eliminate unwanted microorganisms in planter soils and hydroponics systems.
  Spray plant foliage to stop fungi, molds, rot, and most plant diseases 
  Treat pools, fountains, humidifiers, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, baths, dish-washers, re-circulating cooling tower water, gymnasium foot dips, and bath and shower mats.    Spray inside shoes, watch bands and gloves and under fingernails periodically. 
  Treat shower stalls, tubs, fonts, animal watering troughs, shavers to avoid trading germs.    Rinse fruit and vegetables before storing or using.
  Put in cooking water.    Add to human and animal shampoos and they become disinfectants.
  Prevent carpets, drapes and wallpaper from mildewing.    Wipe telephone mouthpieces, pipe stems, headphones, hearing aids, eyeglass frames, hairbrushes, combs, loofas. 
  Excellent for diapers and diaper rash.
  Do toilet seats, bowls, tile floors, sinks, urinals, door knobs. 
  Kills persistent odors.
  Rinse invalid's pillowcases, sheets, towels and bedclothes.

There are literally thousands of other essential uses for this ridiculously inexpensive ,odorless, nearly tasteless and colorless, totally benign and powerful, non-toxic disinfectant and healing agent.
You'll find that a spray or misting bottle of Ionic Silver solution
may be the most useful health enhancement tool in your environment.

Check out our LAB-TESTED ultra-pure True Ionic Silver -
AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist
Now available to you in a convenient 2 oz. spray bottle.



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DISCLAIMER: Please note that no minimum dose has been scientifically established for Ionic Silver, but maximum dosages are well within safe international EPA guidelines.
The above uses of Ionic Silver is compiled based on anecdotal evidence.
They are included ONLY as a starting reference point to give a general idea of how some people have used ionic silver as a remedy. These ideas are expressed in generalities and are by no means to be construed as scientifically acquired evidence.



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Proven Effective

AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist is one of the few brands of ionic silver that has actually been tested under laboratory conditions and certified SAFE for oral use. Its controlled 5PPM concentration makes it one of the most bio-available & effective true ionic silver products on the market.

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AQUASILVER™Miracle Mist is "Energy-Enhanced" for optimal bio-availability


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