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TRUEIONICS Advance Ionic Silver Health Defense Systems is the home of true natural Ionic Silver products meticulously prepared for your health protection, immune defense and wellbeing.

 "I know of no microbe that is not killed in laboratory experiments in 6 minutes."                      Use of Colloids in Health Disease      Dr Henry Crooks


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 BREAST CANCER“…..if I had known about this any earlier I would have never opted for chemo…”

 Tracy S Y Yee, Hong Kong.

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 E L Santos, Hong Kong.

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AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist
AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist is a health product.
It is not intended to diagnose treat or cure any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.


         TRUEIONCS™ was established to bring you honest and true natural bioelectro-medical products based on advanced ionic silver technology.  All our products are 'energy-enhanced' for optimal bio-availability.


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Nature's Most Powerful Antibiotic Alternative
Nebulizer usage with Ionic Silver is highly effective in the
treatment of Asthma and Lung disease

AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist
AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist is a health product.
It is not intended to diagnose treat or cure any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

For fast absorption & optimal protection

Nebulizers can be used to treat asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or other conditions where inhaled medicines are indicated.
They deliver a stream of medicated air to the lungs over a period of time thereby allowing for fast and direct absorption.

Larger particles that may be found in high PPM brands of ionic silvers(depicted by the yellowish to brown colour tones) are too heavy to be carried by the fine mist of a nebulizer and are therefore not suitable.

AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist True Ionic Silver is ideal for nebulizer usage. It is in the ideal bio-available concentration of 5PPM. ( Lab-Test results verify this )
Inhaling using a nebulizer offers the best and fastest means of absorption to enable its quick defensive or preventative action against germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens or pathogens so that it may effectively track down single celled invaders and eradicate them in a timely manner thereby not allowing any survivors to mutate and become immune to the treatment.

Delivering ionic silver directly into the lungs, and thus into the lung tissues and bloodstream, is highly effective. This bypasses the digestive system and a greater amount of ionic silver can be delivered into the body. 
A high quality nebulizer is recommended and can be certain than only the smallest particles (the ions ) reach the lungs.
There are many types of nebulizers available on the market. The ultra-sonic versions offer smooth quiet operation as opposed to the traditional compressor types.


In cases of severe lung infections, if the nebulizer mist carrying silver ions reaches the infected tissues, the effect can be almost immediate and quite dramatic. 

If you are NOT certain that you are using a ‘true electro-ionic silver’ product made in pure de-ionized distilled water, do NOT attempt nebulizer usage. Many colloidal silver products contain large amounts of silver salts, proteins, or other chemical agents, especially silver nitrate which can cause silver poisoning under some conditions ( which have not been determined ).

You may
choose to
use a nebulizer
with just a
mouthpiece or a


• Find a location where you can sit comfortably for 10-15 minutes. Plug in the nebulizer.
• It is very important to get specific written instructions if you are mixing your own nebulized drug treatments. Always mix the medication as directed, or empty the prepared unit dose vials (UDVs) into the nebulizer.
In the case of Ionic Silver, all you need to do is to fill the medication chamber. Do not mix different types of medications with Ionic Silver without permission from your doctor or pharmacist. Ionic Silver is good on its own.
• Assemble the mask or mouthpiece and connect the tubing to the port on the compressor.

  • Sit in an upright position, making sure you are comfortable. Put the mask over your nose and mouth (make sure it fits properly. It does not matter if the mist flows up into your eyes. OR, if you are using a mouthpiece, put it into your mouth.
• Turn on the compressor.
• Take slow, deep breaths. If possible, hold your breath for 10 seconds before slowly exhaling. Continue until the medication chamber is empty.

   Nebulizer Use with AQUASILVER™Miracle Mist

AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist is 5 PPM and is 100% ionic and may be used safely for the following conditions using a nebulizer:

• For the treatment of viral infections such as Hepatitis and HIV.
• Lung infections like Pnuemonia, Bronchitis & Tuberculosis
• General Bacterial Infections
• Irrigation of Sinuses
• Facial use by misting for acne and other problems
• As a spray for burns, skin abrasions and minor cuts.
• As an alternative to oral use.
• As a complimentary treatment with internal ionic silver use.

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AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist
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DISCLAIMER: Please note that no minimum dose has been scientifically established for Ionic Silver, but maximum dosages are well within safe international EPA guidelines.
The above uses of Ionic Silver is compiled based on anecdotal evidence.
They are included ONLY as a starting reference point to give a general idea of how some people have used ionic silver as a remedy. These ideas are expressed in generalities and are by no means to be construed as scientifically acquired evidence.





        Our Product


Proven Effective

AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist is one of the few brands of ionic silver that has actually been tested under laboratory conditions and certified SAFE for oral use. Its controlled 5PPM concentration makes it one of the most bio-available & effective true ionic silver products on the market.

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AQUASILVER™Miracle Mist is "Energy-Enhanced" for optimal bio-availability


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