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 "I know of no microbe that is not killed in laboratory experiments in 6 minutes."                      Use of Colloids in Health Disease      Dr Henry Crooks


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AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist
AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist is a health product.
It is not intended to diagnose treat or cure any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.


         TRUEIONCS™ was established to bring you honest and true natural bioelectro-medical products based on advanced ionic silver technology.  All our products are 'energy-enhanced' for optimal bio-availability.


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 Medical Journal Documented Use

 Medical Journal Documented Uses
Nature's Most Powerful Antibiotic Alternative
Medical journals have reported numerous successsful
incidences of diseases being treated with ionic silver

 AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist
AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist is a health product.
It is not intended to diagnose treat or cure any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.



The following is a list of over 100 documented Medical Journal uses of ionic silver for the treatment of various conditions, diseases and pathogens:                      

Anthrax Bacilli [2, 3]
Appendicitis (post-op) [3]
Axillae and Blind Boils of the Neck [10]
B. Coli [2]
B. Coli Communis [7]
B. Dysenteria [2]
B. Pyocaneus [2]
B. Tuberculosis [7]
Bacillary Dysentery [4]
Bladder Irritation [12]
Blepharitis [13]
Boils [10]
Bromidrosis in Axille [12]
Bromidrosis in Feet [10]
Burns and Wounds of the Cornea [13]
Cerebro-spinal Meningitis [3, 9]
Chronic Cystitis [10]
Chronic Eczema of Anterior Nares [10]
Chronic Eczema of Metus of Ear [10]
Colitis [4]
Cystitis [8]
Dacrocystitis [13]
Dermatitis suggestive of Toxaemia [4]
Diarrhoea [4]
Diptheria [3]
Dysentery [3,6]
Ear "Affections" [5]
Enlarged Prostate [12]
Epiditymitis [10]
Erysipelas [3]
Eustachian Tubes (potency restored) [8]
Follicular Tonsilittis [10]
Furunculosis [3]
Gonococcus [7]
Gonorrhoea [10]
Gonorrhoeal Conjunctivitis [10]
Gonorrhoeal Opthalmia [13]
Gonorrhoeal Prostatic Gleet [11]
Haemorrhoids [12]
Hypopyon Ulcer [13]
Impetigo [10]
Infantile Disease [16]
Infected Ulcers of the Cornea [13]
Inflammatory Rheumatism [3]
Influenza [11]
Interstitial Keratitis [13]
Intestinal troubles [6]
Lesion Healing [12]
Leucorrhoea [8]
Menier's Symptoms [8]

Nasal Catarrh [5]
Nasopharyngeal Catarrh (reduced) [8]

Oedematous enlargement of Turbinates
without True Hyperplasia [9]
Offensive Discharge of Chronic
Supporation in Otitis Media [10]
Ophthalmology [12]
Ophthalmic practices [5]
Para-Typhoid [3]
Paramecium [1]
Perineal Eczema [12]
Phlegmons [3]
Phlyctenular Conjunctivitis [10]
Pneumococci [2]
Pruritis Ani [12]
Puerperal Septicaemia [15]
Purulent Opthalmia of Infants [13]
Pustular Eczema of Scalp [10]
Pyorrhoea Alveolaris (Rigg's Disease) [8]
Quinsies [8]
Rhinitis [9]
Ringworm of the body [10]
Scarlatina [3]
Sepsis [16]
Septic Tonsillitis [10]
Septic Ulcers of the legs [10]
Septicaemia [5, 8]
Shingles [8]
Soft Sores [10]
Spring Catarrh [10]
Sprue [6]
Staphyloclysin (inhibits) [2]
Staphylococcus Pyogenea [7]
Staphylococcus Pyogens Albus [2]
Staphylococcus Pyogens Aureus [2]
Streptococci [7]
Subdues Inflammation [12]
Suppurative Appendicitis (post-op) [10]
Tinea Versicolor [10]
Tonsillitis [8]
Typhoid [3]
Typhoid Bacillus [14]
Ulcerative Urticaria [4]
Urticaria suggestive of Toxaemia [12]
Valsava's Inflammation [8]
Vincent's Angina [10]
Vorticella [1]
Warts [12]
Whooping Cough [8]

  More recent articles have described ionic silver being used to treat:
Adenovirus [5, 23]
Asper Gillus Niger [18]
Bacillius Typhosus [21]
Bovine Rotavirus [23]
Candida Albicans [18]
Endamoeba Histolytica (Cysts) [24]
Escherichia Coli [17, 18, 21]
Legionella Pneumophilia [17]
Poliovirus 1 (Sabin Strain) [23]
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa [17, 18]
Salmonella [22]
Spore-Forming Bacteria [24]
Staphylococcus Aureus [17]
Streptococcus Faecalis [17]
Vegetative B. Cereus Cells [24]

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that no minimum dose has been scientifically established for Ionic Silver, but maximum dosages are well within safe international EPA guidelines.
The above uses of Ionic Silver is compiled based on anecdotal evidence.
They are included ONLY as a starting reference point to give a general idea of how some people have used ionic silver as a remedy. These ideas are expressed in generalities and are by no means to be construed as scientifically acquired evidence.





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AQUASILVER™ Miracle Mist is one of the few brands of ionic silver that has actually been tested under laboratory conditions and certified SAFE for oral use. Its controlled 5PPM concentration makes it one of the most bio-available & effective true ionic silver products on the market.

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